Easy Weekend Getaways To Pursue In Bangalore!

After a long and tiring week, or maybe after your end semester exams, who wouldn’t want to look forward to a fun and happening weekend to revitalize themselves! People usually end up pubbing and partying on the weekend. But, how about trying something different for once? People do ‘plan’ road trips etc which more often than not fail to materialize at the end. Problems on deciding or finding a destination is a usual problem that crops up. But, fret not, Rentomo is here! We have the perfect suggestions cum plan ready for you if you are in Banagalore! Since Bangalore is surrounded with a large number of adventurous places, all you need is a bike-and if you prefer-your friends to explore these exotic locations. If you don’t have one, then don’t worry you can rent motorbikes at anytime from Rentomo.com, which is one of the most convenient ways to rent a bike online. Here is a list of some amazing places where you can go for a one day trip.


  1. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hillls

Distance from Bangalore: 153 Km (3 hours 25 minutes approx via Hoskote-Chintamani Rd)


This small hill station is located in the beautiful Mountain range in Andhra Pradesh. The place is very rich in Flora and fauna and you can enjoy the bike ride by having the beautiful scenic view of these lush green mountains.


  1. Krishnagiri


Distance from Bangalore: 90 km ( 2 hours approx Kodambakkam – Mumbai Highway)

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Krishnagiri has a variety of ancient temples. You can also visit the Fort of Tipu Sultan over the Sayed Basha hills and go for a trekking near hills. Along with that Krishnagiri dam is having a beautiful park adjacent to it.

  1. Anthargange


Distance from Bangalore: 70 Km (40-50 minutes approx)

Anthargange is the rocky hill range in the Kolar district of Karnataka. This series of natural caves formed by the volcanic rocks is an excellent place for an adventurous trekking. One can reach this place through a bike while enjoying the beautiful dense forest surrounding the base of the hill.




  1. Shivanasamudra Falls
credits: http://journeymart.com/

credits: http://journeymart.com/

Distance From Bangalore: 135 Km ( 3 hours approx  via NH209)

The Shivanasamudra Falls is on the Kaveri River and is situated in the state of Karnataka. The river is divided into two waterfalls which gives a mesmerizing look to this tourist site. It is an excellent place to roam around and gaze at these beautiful falls.


  1. Mysore


Distance from Bangalore: 143 Km (3 hours  21 minutes approx via NH275)

Mysore city, also known as “City of Palaces” is located at the base of the Chamundi Hills in Karnataka. You can take a bike and enjoy the well maintained National Highways from Bangalore stretching towards Mysore. Along with the palaces, you can also stopover Mysore Zoo, Museum and Brindavan Garden.


  1. Hogenakkal Waterfall
credits: http://hotelnambi.in/

credits: http://hotelnambi.in/

Distance from Bangalore: 181 km (3 hours)

Hogenakkal Falls, also known as “Niagara of India” flows beautifully from the broad Kaveri River on Tamil Nadu. This place is famous for the medicinal baths and boat rides. One can plan an exciting one day trip around this location.


  1. Hassan
credits: http://hotelnambi.in/

credits: http://hotelnambi.in/

Distance from Bangalore: 187 km (3 hrs approx via NH48)

Famous for its ancient monuments, Hassan is situated in Karnataka. Being part of the Mauryan Empire, you can witness lots of rich architectural structures here. You can visit places like Shettihalli Church, which is said to be submerged in water during monsoon but it comes back to its earlier state once the monsoon is over or Gorur Dam etc.

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