Royal Enfield Bullet – Indian Super Bike

It is always said “OLD IS GOLD”. The story of Royal Enfield Bullet Is quite similar. With the passage of time, everything gets converted to new and better entity. Indian people are very much attracted to Royal Enfield Bullet which is also known as Indian Super Bike. But, it has its own story. The journey was started by two friends named Albert Eadie and R.W. Smith. They built a partnership deed in 1890s and took over a cycle company named Townsend Cycle to establish the legendary Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd. So, the most loved Royal Enfield was originally manufactured in Middlesex, United Kingdom. The word Royal was originally taken from a company named “The Royal Small Arms Company” and the whole name “Royal Enfield” came up with the trademark which was like a gun.

The Journey of the Royal Enfield was ended in 1970 as the production was ended in the United Kingdom. The Indian bus and commercial vehicle maker company Eicher Motors picked it up in India in 1970. This was the time when manufacturing was started in India but the journey of Royal Enfield was started a long back. In 1931, first four stroke single cylinder motorcycle was manufactured which was given the name “BULLET”.

The strength and capability of Bullet was appreciated all over the globe and British Army purchased bullet for dispatch riders. During the Second World War, around 3,000 were supplied to the British Army. In 1949, Indian government needed a reliable motorcycle for police and army. Royal Enfield Bullets were ordered for the same and hence company established a plant in Madras. Enfield India Ltd. Was importing the parts and factory kit till 1955. But then, the company started their own independent manufacturing under license. Enfield India Ltd. produced around 20,000 bullets annually.

In India, the main problem is with the traffic. Royal Enfield Bullet gives an excessive attractive look to the riders. Initially, the farmers were using bullet as it was one of the capable bike after tractor to ride through the uneven land of the farm. The one cylinder design of bullet is perceived till now which makes it unique. The original old Bullet is having 24mm Carburettor and 350CC with 18bhp of power and 32nm torque which simply means we can have higher speed than normal bikes. It was the only motorcycle in earlier stages with this much speed and ability.


As per the critics and reviewers, Bullet Motorcycles have started beating Hardley Davidson selling in India. As per the surveys and figures, Royal Enfield sold over 3,00,000 units in 2014 to Hardley Davidson’s 2,67,999. In past decades, the road networks have been improved very well which provided the leisure and adventure for riders. The physical body and strength of the Bullet is more than the expected and higher than other motorcycles of the current generations. With this many pros, Bullet has always acquired a safe place in the Indian citizens’ hearts with an expectation of acceptability of brand new Himalaya Bullet.

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