Romantic places to go in Bangalore with Harley Davidson

1. Sankey Tanks

This place is regarded as the best place to hang-out with your partner in evening. This place is man-made tank with full of natures and is the perfect place to be with your partner riding on Harley Davidson. This place is ideal in evening to be hand in hands with your partner

2. Strolling through the Vineyards

Vineyards have magical effect on the partner to make them fall in immense love with each other. Droving your Harley Davidson to the Grover Vineyard and make it an exceptional and loving trip with your partner..

3. A beautiful Starlit

Having an exceptional Harley Davidson ride to the hill top at night and watch the charming and beautiful stars in the sky can make the partner exotic. Also the quietness and charm of night makes the partner to be in love with you. The place can be Nandi Hills at night.

4. Ebony
The most exotic and lavish dine for the couple to have. The extravagant services and the delight foods can have an unexpected dinner and moment for the partner. Just rode your Harley Davidson with your partner to Ebony and make her feel to enter the dream world.

5. A trip to Garden

The weather lover partners can have an awesome evening spent in Lumbini Gardens. The garden is stretched on 12500 square foot area. There is also provision for boating for the couples to spend quality time with each other. Ride your Harley Davidson with your partner to end the journey at Lumbini Garden.

6. Have an Amusement fun

The journey with your partner to amusement park can make her feel pleasant. Rode your Harley Davidson with her to Wonder La amusement park in Bangalore and spent a long day quality time with her to make her feel special.

7. A walk through the Garden

Amidst with the nature; have a romantic walk with your partner in LalBagh Botanical Garden. The garden is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spent smashing evening with her and then back to town on Harley Davidson with her.

8. What about a cooking Class!

Join the Shruti’s Cooking Class for three to four hours with your partner and make them feel special. Make her feel that you want to help her in each and every thing which includes the cooking too. Just rode your Harley Davidson and reach the Cooking Class.

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