Rent Electric Scooters and save the Earth!

Let’s paint a virtual picture in our minds. The land we tread upon is barren, there is no greenery. One can’t step out of their houses without air-filtering masks and the sky is void of clouds. The heat is so bad that one literally walks out in clothes drenched in water to combat the heat waves; the poor being the worst sufferers, who cannot access any such devices to combat the unruly environment. This is a picture depicting the consequences of our endeavors today and the harsh reality of tomorrow. A tomorrow where nobody would look forward to a tomorrow, where hope for the future is replaced by a concern for the atrocities that the inevitable future has tagged to it. All this would be a product of our negligence and a result of our failure to protect our mother nature; a nightmare of a picture. But, wait a sec, this future is still not here and hope is still not dead then, why not do your part and save your city? Why not be the superman to your own metropolis! But, the real question is how can you be this superman? Rentomo brings the answer to you in this article!- ELECTRIC SCOOTERS!


A possible future?

One of the major reasons for the environmental problems that we are facing like rise in global temperatures etc, is the greenhouse emissions. The unaccounted emissions by the countless automobiles is not helping the scenario any better, add onto this the merciless butchering of the green cover. In this situation every individual needs to take responsibility and ownership of the emissions that are being caused by them on a daily basis. Using Electric scooters takes away the emissions caused by the automobiles.

The number of vehicles registered in India is on the increase over the last 7 years at an average annual cumulative rate of 10%( data from 2004 to 2011). It indicates the increases in the use of fossil fuel and thereby an increases in GHG emissions. Data reveals that there has been consistent growth in vehicular registration, however no indication on the emission load is available. The emission load depends on the types of vehicle. In India, we have standard and nonstandard vehicular emissions, which also vary from place to place depending on regulatory mechanisms in use by the civic and local authorities in different areas. Some metropolitan cities have standards in consonance with the European Emission standards, but the data are not captured according to the types of vehicles and their average usage per annum.

Thus, we can see how important it is for us to do something about the emissions caused by the automobiles and restrict the greenhouse effect. Global temperatures have already increased by 1 degree Celsius. And it is expected to rise to 2 degree Celsius. If proper measures are taken then we can only delay it to 2100 but not escape that.

Automobiles exhaust gas

Emissions that can be curtailed.

In this scenario, in this crisis situation, rentomo urges the responsible citizen of the country and the human of Planet Earth to come out and explore the option of Electric Scooters!

Why electric scooters?

  1. Air pollution:
    When you use such bikes, you save your city. Needless to say these scooters have zero emissions and contribute nothing towards the greenhouse effect. Electric scooters do not pollute the city air. An added advantage to this is that one doesn’t require an emission certificate.2. Expense:
    Electricity is much cheaper than petrol so you could be confident on saving. The cost could be as little as 10 paise or less per kilometer. Interestingly, since the government subsidizes electricity, your running expenses would also be subsidized in a way!
  2. Stability:
    These bikes are very stable in general because the weight of the batteries pulls the center of gravity down (batteries are centrally located, under the seat). One can also find electric scooters with low elevation.
  3. Batteries:
    The batteries are sealed and maintenance-free. They do not need periodic topping up with distilled water.  However, some vendors offer free servicing of these batteries during the warranty period.
  4. Charging convenience: 
    One of the best comforts that these vehicles bring is convenience. One doesn’t have to stand in long queues and worry about the quality of diesel/petrol and also one doesn’t need to worry about being conned by the station. No more queues, no more quarrels at petrol stations. Charge at your own convenience, but please keep it in mind to not to overcharge the same else it may lead to issues.6. Noise pollution:
    Electric scooters make much lesser noise compared to the general scooters or motorbikes. Some don’t make noise at all when compared to the general scooters and motorbikes. So, there is no noise pollution, one more added advantage!
  5. Servicing and maintenance: 
    These vehicles have much lesser parts when compared to the regular scooters and bikes also they don’t require periodic servicing. Therefore, maintenance requirements are very low so anybody who doesn’t have much time to give to their rides, this must appeal to you. Although, as in the case of any bike, inflating the tires when the pressure falls, or attending to minor necessities such tightening the brakes etc would have to be taken care of.

That sounds really interesting. A specific shout out to all those who use motorbikes, scooters occasionally, why not use an electric scooter or an electric bike? Why not save on your petrol expense? Why not contribute to the environment?

electric scooters

What are you waiting for? Hire yours today at rentomo and be a hero!

These electric scooters are not suited for long drives, exploring etc but they definitely fit the bill when it comes to your commuting requirements on a daily basis. For going to office daily, or a movie, or grocery etc basically for all your regular commuting, this will definitely fit the bill. Not only that, it also saves your petrol expenses. It has advantages pertaining not only to the environment but if you are more worried about your wallet, then, that too! Even more so if you use them only during weekends.

So, facts and realities and a possible future put forth to you. It is time for all of us to turn our head and do something for our mother earth. So why not use an electric scooter? If you don’t own one or if you are unsure about its performance, don’t worry! As always, rentomo is here!

Rentomo presents to you its new range of electric scooters for hire! Hire them and experience them and arrive at your own judgment. Rent electric scooters and travel during the week or weekends and save the earth. Pollute less and have more fun.

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