All You Need To Know About ‘ The Himalayan ’ Royal Enfield


HOLD YOUR BREATHS! And count to 10 because today, on show, is the latest beast in the market created by Royal Enfield. Yes! ‘ The Himalayan ’ is here! And Rentomo is here to tell you all the exciting new features about the same!

‘ The Himalayan ’-the company claims- is a cross country bike but that doesn’t mean it is not fit for the road! It has been tried and tested on the roads. The CEO Siddharth Lal himself has tried the vehicle. For more reviews check the official website contains reviews from the guardian to big wheels.

But, our focus here is the specifications. So, let’s get started!


The Looks!


One glimpse at it and the one word that would come to your mind would be unique. A unique design for a cross country bike, but, nevertheless, a desirable one! A look from far out may not make you skip a heartbeat, but come closer, and you will see the rugged beauty that its design carries! A solid machine indeed, with a unique tinge of masculinity.

The Engine


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This mighty beast has an all new LS410 engine offering a displacement of 411 cc and a maximum torque of 32 Nm at 4000 to 4500 rpm, which is good! It has a maximum power of 24.5 BHP at 6500 rpm which is good power for such bikes in off-road conditions as well. The gearbox is also new.

Dimension and Suspension



The weight of the bike is 182 kg! You read it right. It’s massive! Clearance is 220 mm, and fuel capacity is 15 liters which can’t be judged upon right now because there is not much clarity on  mileage but since it is a cross road so that’s not such a big deal because RE would take care of it. The height of the seat is 800 mm which is comfortable in general for the rider and is also suitable for harsh roads.


Brakes, tires and electrical


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The front and rear tires are 21 and 17 inches respectively which is a good ratio.  The front disc and rear disc brakes have 300 mm and 240 mm discs but they can have a slight issue since it’s a pretty heavy and a torque of 32 Nm could lead to minor problems in braking. One concern would be the lack of ABS. The electrical system is of 12 V DC system as per the usual trend, while the battery is of 12 V, and the head lamp is of 12 V and 60 to 55 W power. Tail lamp is LED, so no surprises there.



wallet photo Himalayan

Worth it?

Judging only on the basis of specification, one might be tempted to say ‘ The Himalayan ‘ may not meet their expectations regarding speed, however, one needs to bring into their perspective that ‘ The Himalayan ’ is not supposed to be solely a racing bike, it is a cross country bike tested also for the normal roads, so it is a bike meant for most terrains. Given that, the speed potential is pretty decent. The engine is a new model so the experience of the first ride could be different. Also, the gearbox is also said to be new (5 speed). The experience of riding could be entirely different from the classic Royal Enfield bikes because the engine, the design and gearbox are new. ‘The Himalayan ‘ is heavy so a lot of care has to be taken while giving shape to this beauty. On the whole, this could definitely be a game changer in the field of motorbikes in India and this may well be worth the buy. Whether it will make or break in real; only time will tell!


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