Indian Cricketers and Their Love for Motorbikes

All across the world, sportsmen in general are looked at as people with a great affinity towards high end vehicles. They own high end products in the two and four wheeler spectrum, i.e both motorbikes and cars, thus acquiring ownership of some real beast of machines available in the market. But it is quite normal, is it not? There is a firm connection between the two, which would be the much sought after ‘adrenaline rush’! These monsters keep their need of that adrenaline rush off the field in check  and also act as a hobby for most of them. Our beloved cricketers are no different and are not spared by the motorbikes bug. In this article, we would specifically focus on Indian cricketers and their fetish for superbikes! Let us check out some exciting bikes that our Indian Cricket Team players have in their collection!

There are two things that every Indian can easily talk about- motorbikes and cricket.

India is the second largest manufacturer of motorbikes throughout the world, while on the other hand, calling cricket a sport would be a massive understatement in this part of the world! It is no short of a religion, as we see people not just support but worship the likes of Sachin Tendulkar! So we do sense a direct correlation, don’t we?

Below are the details of some exquisite motorbikes owned by our cricketing idols!


Pragyan Ojha

This extremely talented spinner possesses a Harley Davidson Sportster Forty – Eight. It is a highly customizable bike made by the Milwaukee bike giant and comprises of V-twin 1200cc engine that produces a peak torque figure of 95Nm at a low 3500rpm. This is a bike which defies logic and the kind which makes people skip a heart-beat; Eager to know the price? It cost a mammoth Rs. 9,15,475 approximately.

 Shikhar Dhawan

This superb opening batsman owns a Suzuki GSX 1300 popularly known as Hayabusa.  The bike has 1340 cc engine which produces 197bhp and 137 NM of torque while boasting a great aerodynamic design. The bike accelerates in a blink of an eye and accelerates from 0-100 km/hr in only 2.5 seconds.


The most successful captain of the Indian Cricket team with the popular tag of ‘Captain cool’, Mr. M.S Dhoni has a collection of wonderful bikes. He has had a passion for bikes since an early age i.e much before the start of his cricketing career.  Dhoni is quite a connoisseur and has a variety of bikes in his garage which comprises, Yamaha Thundercat, Enfield Machismo ,Yamaha RXZ-135, Harley Davidsons, Yamaha rd 350, rare Hellcat X132, Ducati 1098S, TCS Apache, Kawasaki ninja zx14 –R. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if more superbikes were added to his much envied collection in the coming year. Dhoni currently owns 16 motorbikes of different brands.


Virender Sehwag

This former Indian cricket team opener owns a Suzuki Hayabusa. Virender Sehwag loves to zip the roads on his Hayabusa, which carries hefty price tag of Rs. 20 Lac in India.

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