Bangalore’s top 10 lakes you can cover on weekend

The charm that lakes have can never truly be immortalized in words. It is no less than feeling, one can always try and put them into words but the first hand experience is something way better than that. Stress Buster,Magical, Soothing, and all the other things that you would want after a long hectic day; that is what Lakes bring to you! Whether it is what you would prefer to pass by for your morning walks or simply stroll past with your loved ones. Lakes provide one of the best options for casual hangouts. On that note, Rentomo brings to you the top 10 lakes in your very own namma bengaluru! Take your bike and go on a ride to these amazing destinations! If you do not have one do not worry! just rent it  with a tap on rentomo!

1.Ulsoor Lake:



Without a doubt, one of the most iconic lakes in the city on Bengaluru, Ulsoor Lake is just about placed at the city-center This calm and peaceful oasis is among the few lakes that are maintained well. You can enjoy the boat rides with your family and friends, or take a walk around its boundary and soak within the grandeur of nature here.

2. Hebbal Lake:



This beautiful lake is home to various species of birds in in the metro. Interestingly, it is one amongst the 3 lakes designed by Kempe Gowda himself. The lake isn’t protected against pollution with copious amounts of effluents being let into its waters. Its beauty has depleted and tampered. A sad plight indeed but even then, it is still one amongst the foremost scenic lakes Bengaluru has ever had!

3. Agara Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


Located on the road  towards Agara junction and in the vicinity of HSR, the Agara lake could be a sight for sore eyes, particularly for those individuals who are stuck in traffic day and night! This gorgeous lake sees early morning walkers and joggers, even though it hasn’t been maintained too well, the lake has not lost its charm and appears magical once the lights from the encompassing structures illumine its inky-black darkness after the sunset.

4. Madiwala Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


If you dwell in any place near the lake in BTM then sitting on the terrace as you sigh and gazing at the Madiwala Lake may well be a standard habit. This stunning lake permits folks to go for boating activities and what makes this even more fun are the small islands of verdure. One thing you cannot afford to miss here is the sunset. Stunning, to say the least!
5.Lalbagh Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


Lalbaghcould be a delight for nature lovers and photographers; this enduring garden is home to a prepossessing lake besides its show of flowers and lawns. Take a morning walk around Lalbagh to feel invigorated like never before. Listen to the birds chirp, watch the daylight streaming through the tall trees and fr a while, disconnect with the world, and connect with the nature.

6.Varthur Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


This manmade lake is one amongst the foremost vulnerable lakes in metropolis owing to pollution. The lake is alleged to have been designed nearly one thousand years back for agricultural operations. Today, the water is simply too contaminated by effluents to be of any productive use. Still, in patches, throughout the year, one can see the lake in a decent state.

7. Hesaraghatta Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


This man made lake was created as a water supply for the nearby localities. Having been built in the proximity of the TG Halli Dam, the lake receives a vast variety of birds each winter season. Go here to catch a glimpse of exotic avian life.

8. Kengeri Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


Kengeri Lake on Mysore Road was one amongst the principal man made lakes in metropolis. The verdure and boating facilities attracted the  masses. However, the lake isn’t being maintained and is currently thought-about as one amongst the quickest disappearing lakes of Bengaluru. Witness its essence because soon enough, it might cease to exist.

9. Sankey Tank:

Bangalore India Lakes

Sankey Tank

This man-made lake/tank is located around the middle of Malleshwaram and covers a section of over thirty seven acres. This gorgeous lake is certainly a must-visit and one can go for this place for something like a morning walk.
10.Kaikondrahalli Lake:

Bangalore India Lakes


A Lake on Sarjapur road that nearly looks untouched. This well-maintained lake permits folks to return here for his or her morning/evening walks, while a lot of even pets are allowed, as long as their masters keep them on leash at all times. One will spot a range of birds here which is also why this place is considered as a paradise for people who love nature photography.

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