10 Most expensive bikes owned by Bollywood stars

The bikes are most amazing thing one can have to adventure through the world. As the fame increases, the Bollywood stars love for the unique and expensive also increases. There are many superstars owning amazing bikes which can make sleepless nights after seeing them. The bikes that superstar owns are listed below;


  1. M. S.Dhoni

Caption of Indian team has shown a wide interest in bikes. His love for bike has made him huge collections of bike in Jharkhand. Recently he bought a bike Hellcat X132 which is 2163 cc monster priced around INR 60 lakhs!


  1. Vivek Oberoi

In 2010, the actor Vivek Oberio purchased a Ducati 1098. It is yellow in color. His love for bike is outstanding. The bike costs of INR 45 lakhs!


  1. Rohit Roy

Very rare people know that Rohit Roy is fond of bikes and he owns a super bike. He has Honda Rune 1900 cc. This is the rarest bike found all over world and costs around INR 24 laks!


  1. R. Madhavan

The southern superstar is fond of two wheeler muscular bike. Recently he was spotted riding BMW K1600 GTL which costs INR 24 lakhs!


  1. John Abraham

No one has such craziness and madness for bikes as John Abraham has. He has the largest collection of bikes and recently got a limelight bike from Rajputanas called as Light Foot. It perfectly suits John Abraham according to his physique. The bike was inspired from the design of 1910 American Board Track Racer. He also owns Suzuki GSX-1300R which costs around INR 16.45 lakhs!


  1. Shahid Kapoor

Without the support of his father, Shahid Kapoor owns an independent fame due to his acting careers loves bikes a lot. Recently he bought Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which is a powerful chopper style bike with engine displacement of 1690 cc. the bike costs around INR 15.10 lakhs!

sanjay dutt

  1. Sanjay Dutt

The Dutt owns Harley Davidson Fat boy too. Also Shahrukh Khan gifted him Italian Bike which costs around INR 15 lakhs!

salman khan

  1. Salman Khan

The superstar Bajarngi Bhaijaan is extremely in love for bikes and has a huge collection of bikes too. He has several unique bikes among which one is Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ limited edition which costs around INR 15 lakhs! He also owns Suzuki Hayabusa which costs around INR 13.5 lakhs. He is also a brand ambassador of Suzuki motorcycles.

  1. Uday Chopra

Uday Chopra does not own fame in his acting career except the Dhoom series and Mohabbatein, but he hunks bike and name them as Betty, Anny and many more. He owns three bikes from Dhoom franchise which costs around INR 10 lakhs!


  1. Rannvijay Singh

A transition from MTV Roadies host to an actor made him famous more in feminine. His passion for bike is the most. He totally owns 8 bikes among which they are very classy and unique bikes. He owns a tow wheeler Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7 which costs around INR 9.5 lakhs!

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