10 Harley Davidson Bikes which you can not miss to watch

The Harley Davidson bikes are the most loved bikes in today’s time. There are many Harley Davidson bikes which cannot be missed to watch. They are included in the super bikes which one wants to dream of to have. The Harley Davidson bikes which cannot be missed to watch are listed below;

Harley Davidson Rocker

  1. Harley Davidson Rocker

This is jaw dropping Bike which can make the world fall their jaws off. The Harley Davidson Rocker is adapted from the well known German company known as House of Thunder. The specification of the bike is just out of the world and unique. The 37 degree inclined front and rear gives a great catch. The price of the bike is around $ 130,000.

Hub less Harley Davidson

  1. Hub less Harley Davidson

This is the next edition of the bike which comes in top 10 expensive bikes in the world. The bike has the basic features of Harley Davidson style. The bike itself is known for its brand. The cost of the bike is around $ 155,000.

million Harley Davidson

  1. $ 1 million Harley Davidson

The millionaire who are crazy for bikes have the best option to buy this bike. This bike is designed by Jack Armstrong and is the most expensive Harley Davidson Bike. It is whooping $ 1 million dollar bike which is able to shake your pocket.

Dyna Wide Glide

  1. Dyna Wide Glide

This bike has old school chopper style with Dyna Big Twin cycle can make your eyes open wide with its looks. The bike came on road in 2010 and is costs around $ 15,000.

CVO Street Glide

  1. CVO Street Glide

This bike is among the limited editions of Harley Davidson bike. It has V-twin engine and engine powers of 1803 cc. The bike is fully loaded with sparkling chrome and its features. The bike costs around $ 30,999.

XR 1200

  1. XR 1200

This bike was launched in 2009 and an amazing sportier features in it. The bike is influenced by the model of Harley Davidson XR 750 motorcycle. The cost of the bike is around $ 10,799.

JH Two Cam

  1. JH Two Cam

This is the rarest model of Harley Davidson found today. This bike was previously used in racing only. It was launched in 1928 and are used by the extensive bike or Harley lovers. It cost around $ 150,000.

Unrestored Singles

  1. Unrestored Singles

This is rarest model of Harley Davidson and there exists only 5000 units all around the world. The bike has exceptional looks and it cost $ 300,000.

Harley Iron 883

  1. Iron 883

This bike is launched in 2016 and has an awesome looks and jaw dropping features. The bike cost around $ 10,000.


  1. Forty-Eight

The Forty Eight is the redesigned bike which comes with more slung custom features can make your jaws drop and catch the eyes of the road siders. The bike ranges from $ 9,12,000.

The above lists give a quick glance on the Harley Davidson rarest and expensive bikes for the who is crazy about the Harley Davidson bikes.

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