10 awesome places around Bangalore for bike road trip

A trip on bike is always amazing and full of fun. Road trips on bike are full of freedom expressions. There are many places in Bangalore which can travel through bike to have an adventurous trip. The places which are in 100km from Bangalore and can reach there through bikes are as listed below. Also there is much uniqueness of that place to be visited.

  1. Savandurga

The most happening hill escapes that can make you fell in dream is Savandurga. An ideal road trip to Savandurga on bike will please you. The sprawling Mysore road or Magdi road can let you reach to Savandurga. It is the most exciting night trek in Bangalore. Watch the amazing sunrise and unique sunset here. The trekking here makes the place as cherry on the top of cake. It is just 49 kms away from Bangalore.


  1. Anthargange

A short ride to mountain will make you enter the beautiful rocks in Anthargange. The Shathshrunga ranges which is on the both sides of the rock make a heaven and playful experience for us. It is located near Kolar Gold field. The craggy rocks make Anthargange an amazing night trek. It is just 70 kms away from Bangalore. By taking NH4 route one can reach Anthargange easily.


  1. Ramanagara

Ramanagara will make you nostalgic in your dreams of Sholay Film. Here the famous shots of Sholay film of that of Gabbar had been shot. The beautiful craggy rocks are most amazing sight seeing which can make one fall in love with it. The sprawling valleys, beautiful mountains, flourishing hills and beautiful landscapes are the unique place of Ramanagara which can heal the thirst of adventure. The Ramanagara is just 49 kms away from Bangalore. This is the best place for full long day trip or night trek.

  1. Sangam

With its beautiful meet between the two rivers; the River Arkavathy and River Cauvery, this is the best place in Bangalore for those who want to end their sprawling adventure destination. This is the best picnic spot for them who love the river side and love waterfalls. It is just 90 kms away from Bangalore.

  1. Nandi Hills.

This is one of the most popular road trips in Bangalore. The sprawling hills make them unique place for trekking through various trails and one can breathe the lovely air here. This place should be avoided in rainy seasons as it can be slippery.

  1. Skandagiri

This is the ancient hill fortress located 70 kms away from Bangalore and is highly suitable for night trek lovers. The sunrise seen here is just awesome and one make himself pleased by this seen.

  1. Avalabetta

The extreme top view of this site is stunning with its greenery and rocks. The hillock is just amazing with its beauty and ideal for trekking lovers. It is just 90 kms away from Bangalore.

  1. Bandipur

This place is just heaven for the bird lovers, nature lovers and adventurers. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the beauty of this place. There are also rare species of flora and fauna found here. This is the best road trip one can have in his memorable journey.

  1. Sakleshpur

This place is a small hill station located near Bangalore. It is full of greenery and amazing coffee plantations found here. The weather here is always pleasant to travel for trek lovers.

  1. Coonoor

This is the second largest hill station in NIlgiri Hills. The toy train line and bird watching here is the most pleasant thing that one can have. Here the weather is always pleasant and quite.

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