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The thought of bridging the exchange gap between the borrower and the lender gave birth to Rentomo. The team of professionals at enable people the ability to rent their not-so-used stuff and earn money for lending out those.

With the intent to make unutilised assets available to people through technology, they facilitate ease of discovery of useful products and hence, their access. It is a trusted web portal where one can borrow items which they wish to use once in a while and earn a decent fee in return. It connects you to people who are a part of a reliable community and encourages them to share stuff with those in need. This portal proffers the facility to rent out those items that you may bring to occasional use, such as a drill, ladder, camera, bicycle, travel bags etc.

Based on the belief that people tend to help those in need when there’s a trust factor involved, Rentomo intends to make the process of borrowing and lending easier by finding you a neighbour, friend, colleague or an acquaintance in trusted network who is willing to let somebody borrow you what is needed at your end.

It is because of the exceptional concept and the ease with which you can avail required products is why Rentomo has soon become a recommended community of borrowers and lenders. Our outstanding level of services can be noted from the testimonials of our esteemed customers such as Mr. Venkatesh and Mr. Ritesh who used Rentomo to borrow the electronic stuff they needed immediately.   

Here’s how Rentomo helped them –


Mr. Venkatesh – Our valued customer

It was once that Mr. Venkatesh, our valued customer, landed in Bangalore from Delhi for an urgent appointment. It was then that he forgot to bring the charger for his Macbook pro, and erroneously brought along him the charger for Macbook air. Troubled with the fact that he was supposed to attend a business meeting in two hours, he contacted a Macbook pro owner from the trusted community of Rentomo in Bangalore.

While on the way to his client’s office, Mr. Venkatesh, via Rentomo, sought the right person who agreed to rent him his extra laptop charger for 2 days, within the matter of half an hour.

Delighted, Mr Venkatesh heartily thanked the lender and even offered to pay him extra for it.

Somewhat similar was the case with Mr. Ritesh.

As he was heading towards the completion of a critical office project, his apple laptop charger stopped functioning. Imagine you being in a situation when you are amid an important project, and your laptop charger becomes faulty and fails you. Won’t that disturb you? Alike was the trauma that Mr. Ritesh faced.

Having tried contacting the apple customer service centre, reality dawned on him. He got to know that the new charger would cost a bomb – Rs 6500. Additionally, he was told that the existing charger might take a few days to fix.

Given the fact that his laptop and the charger were fairly new, and thus, in warranty period, he therefore decided against buying the new one, and shelling out a hefty sum. As he was looking for places so as to rent the charger temporarily for a few days; after many failed attempts at searching the MacPro 2013 charger in his network, he fortunately came across Rentomo through facebook.

He was quick to contact one of the MacPro 2013 owners registered on Rentomo, and asked to lend him his charger for a week for a meagre rental. And Voila! Mr Ritesh got the charger within a few hours.charger

Ritesh was pretty happy to find a charger as Rentomo helped him save time as well as money. After a week of using the borrowed charger, as committed, he returned it to the lender with a note thanking him, feeling gratitude for his kindness.

This mechanism left Mr Ritesh in surprise for he didn’t really believe that people are generous enough to share their stuff. Trust us; it leaves us in glee every single time when we see people showing the warm gesture of sharing!

Here’s what Mr. Venkatesh has to say about us –

“Was in Bangalore and realised, had forgotten my MacBook Pro charger. That’s when I Googled for MacBook Pro charger rental & boom! I came to know of – a sharing company that allows you to share your stuff on rent with other members of Rentomo.

It helped me to ensure that I could do the presentations and not worry about the juice running out of the battery.

Give it a try for sure!” ~ Venkatesh Sridhar


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