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Rentomo was established with the intent to ease the process of borrowing and lending, thereby helping you save time and money. It is a platform which allows you to get an access of any stuff you need – be it electronics, sports and fitness products, travel products or home and furnishing stuff, to list a few – at a meagre fee. Since the establishment of Rentomo, we are inclined to the principles of quality, reliability, responsiveness in our service. It is satisfaction of our consumers that is our utmost priority.

In order to assure the happiness and fulfilment of our customers, we leave no stone unturned and go an extra mile to meet their requirements, like here in the narrative below.

It is the story behind a transaction where one of the Founders Anshul and a Rentomo Tech Team Staff Yadu go out of the way to deliver the desired product – they themselves stepped out of the office to deliver cycles to a user. Read on to know how the Rentomo staff kept their commitment.

It was the day before Dussehra, when the requirement came from Riddhi Desai who wanted to borrow two cycles for two days. It was indeed a special day as Rentomo successfully did 10+ transactions that day for the first time.

Not only did users borrow PS3, cycles, kindle the same day, Rentomo also registered around six requests for cycles.

Given the fact that it was festive season, most of the delivery boys were on holiday leaves. To make the situation more adverse, Riddhi was unable to go and pickup the cycles all by herself, and requested the delivery of cycles at her place. And that too, the same day, since she had her cycle ride scheduled the next morning.

Due to the shortage of delivery guys, and numerous orders trickling in, Rentomo staff themselves went on the roads to complete the deliveries of requested items. Though it was a tricky situation, Rentomo was dedicated to meet the order.Cycle-2

Anshul, one of the Founders of Rentomo – your very own renting portal and Yadu, a Techie at Rentomo took the lead. They went to pick up the cycles from owners and delivered right at Riddhi’s doorstep in Indiranagar at 7:00 pm, just on time!

This not only left us content, but Ridhhi was also happy with Rentomo’s efficient staff and our commitment to meet the orders, thereby assuring us that she would love to rent from us again.

So, if you are willing to rent bicycles online, you know where to reach!

Here’s what Riddhi has to say about Rentomo:

“We had hired two bicycles for two days. They were delivered and picked up from our doorstep which is a bonus. Condition of the cycles was excellent. I had a great time exploring the city and would definitely rent them again in future!”

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