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Helping Hands Are Always Better Than Praying Lips

It is greatly said “Where is a will, there is a way”. We, human being, always rely on god for everything. We always hope for better even if we get good. Our Desires are limitless. And when it comes to “Bounding those desires”, we realize the value of life, value of support and value of “Being Human”. The story of Meet Jagwinder Singh” can be considered as one of those heart touching reality.

Who can ever expect an unarmed guy can be a perfect art teacher, a strong and confident cyclist, and a strong self-believer. It is very easy to give someone inspiration but to become someone’s inspiration is really a great thing in itself. As per the interviews, public addressing, paper clippings and various articles, one can find out that he was always ready to accept challenges and he resolved them as well. Growing up with proper education in spite of being unarmed, Becoming Art Teacher where drawing was like a dream activity without help of Hands, and Cycling with an ease and passion was a great achievement. This man never believed anything impossible for him. He always had made sure that the work done by an armed man can be done by himself too. He has won lot many medals and prices and always proved that “Your capabilities should depend on the way you think of it, not the way others think for you”.

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“Is there any responsibility of society for this man or even for any person seeking help?” – One of the crucial question. Though being unarmed, he has been working so hard to achieve his goal to be part of “Paralympic Glory”. Success can be bound, Desires can be bound sometimes due to lack of resources, due to financial conditions and may be due to lot many other consequences.

As a responsible “Human Being”, we may not be able to help someone on the problems surrounded by personal issues but we may surely help those who really need it. “God only helps those who help themselves” – following the path of doing a noble cause, we are raising fund for this hard-working, consistent, true-learner which can help in making success and achieving his dream. This fund will be directly used in helping Mr. Meet Singh for Paralympic Glory. Your small help can make someone able to get big success.

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“What is needed to achieve success when your platform is truly larger?”- Mr. Meet Singh has put all his possible efforts to get success and achieved as well. But the dream of Olympics does require a professional training, a touch of professional coaching to make him able to stand over there with a strong platform support. Talent can be beaten by strong desires and hard work with proper guidance, indulgence of unfavourable conditions and acceptance of all challenges.

Let us help in achieving his goal, winning Olympic and making our country feel proud, as it won’t be his achievement only.

In association with Desired Wings, a crowdfunding platform Rentomo brings an opportunity to donate a small token of appreciation and love towards Jagwinder Singh for his passion and his commitment to win a glory for India. Please make a contribution to his crowd funding effort in your personal capacity and spread this with in your friends and groups.

Jagwinder Singh crowd funding project on Desired Wings.

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