Gear up for Convenience: Rentomo launches its Mobile App

With a wide success of Rentomo’s web portal that enabled people to rent out their not-so-used stuff or borrow the stuff they would need for a shorter duration, Rentomo has now become APPening!

App Rentomo

So as to ensure the convenience of always on-the-go generation, Rentomo has launched its Mobile app that allows you to rent stuff through your mobile devices.

Now no more worrying about finding a perfect place to setup your laptops in order to rent stuff or for putting your products on rent. And no more undergoing the hassle of transferring the product pictures to your laptop. All you need to do is click the pictures of the product from your phone and upload it right away with the specifications and rentals.

We realise that mobiles aren’t just communication devices for you – they are your companion, an additional lifeline that you always keep handy, which is why we decided to give you APPiness unlimited. 

Given the fact that Rentomo connects you to the members of a reliable community wherein you can share stuff – both borrow or lend – in the times of need, it proffers absolute ease. The idea of Rentomo is to revive the concept of good old days, when borrowing-lending was prevalent among neighbours, and this is the reason it is built on the foundation of Trust. It cannot be denied that people tend to help those in need when there is a trust factor involved, which is why ‘Trust’ is our focus point.

The items which can be rented or rented out via web and App include Fitness products, Motorbikes, Travel equipments, Cameras and Mobiles, Health and medical stuff apart from electronics! At Rentomo, you are facilitated with the simplicity to get the products of daily use without having to shell out hefty money for it.

You don’t have to fret about carrying your laptops to your trips for borrowing cameras or travel tents or medical equipments, all what is required is a smart phone, and well Internet connection too. 😉 And you are sorted with the Rentomo App! Though this app, Rentomo will put you in touch with the trusted registered members residing in your vicinity who can lend you the equipments you need, at easy rentals.

To be precise, integrated renting portal, Rentomo, has brought to you an app that allows you to search, select and rent the required products instantly, even when you are on the go. As we intend to make the process of borrowing and lending easier for you through technology, this app is advancement on those lines. That is, like the web platform, this app also assists you in finding a neighbour, friend, colleague or an acquaintance in trusted network and obtain the product from the comfort of their homes or offices or outside. Why wait for getting access to the laptops, rent stuff whenever you remember, before it slips out of your mind!

With the Rentomo Mobile App gone live, it is a lot more easier now, as you carry your mobiles with you all the time, don’t you?

Travel stuff appMoreover, it is all the more beneficial for travellers, since holidaying is something that is on the Indian digital native wish-list, Rentomo app frees you of the burden of carrying stuff like tents, cameras, health equipment or sleeping bags along with you on your journey. Why lug it when you can rent from those you trust?

Just log in to the app via your google account or facebook, and you have an easy access to the categories wherein you can browse the products you like and rent those all viable rentals displayed adjacent to the products’ actual pictures. Or if you have any particular product in mind, there is a search bar at the top for you to hunt down the product directly. Sounds like a cakewalk, doesn’t it?

So, if renting is so simple, why dig a hole in your pocket and purchase it? We suggest, rent what you need and experience the difference.

Install the Rentomo App now.

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