Free Rental of Harley Davidson Bike for a complete day on Valentine

So, Valentine’s Day is almost here…and everything is dipped in the colours of love. You must be wondering of ways to make this day extra special for that special someone. With numerous stores offering you with uncountable ideas to make your Valentines lovey-dovey, you are just confused, aren’t you?

In spite the flood of these ideas, you are left pondering over the newness of these. Same old clichéd options make you want something new. And this is where precisely where Rentomo steps in with a way to make your valentine fall in love with you all over again.

Apart from roses and chocolates and teddies, this day of love deserves being more surreal, like fireworks. How about taking your date for a long drive?

It cannot be denied that there’s no way better than experiencing the picturesque views and natural environ with the one you love :) and it gets extraordinary when you take pleasure of it on the bike, where wind flows into your hair and the views mesmerize you!

Valentine’s Day is one such occasion that cannot be missed if you want to woo the one you love, which is why Rentomo has introduced awesome new surprise to make your valentine smile.

Brace yourself for we are going to make this Valentine’s Day all the more Special and Romantic for you…

Rentomo is all up with the best deal of this love season. Offering free rental services on Harley Davidson Bike for 24 hours – only for the Valentine’s Day!

Rentomo Valentine Contest


All you got to do is, follow these steps here:

  • Fill all the details in above form.
  • Download Rentomo APP by clicking on the unique link which is sent to your mentioned mobile number via sms.
  • And you are sorted! You could be lucky to own Harley Davidson bike for a day this valentine. Absolutely FREE of cost!

Now no more thinking of distinct idea to impress your sweetheart, for we got you a brilliant plan! On your Harley Davidson


  • You can take her on a surprise tour around the city
  • Take her to the places where she has enjoyed her childhood days, and memorable moments
  • Drive her to a party or a candle light dinner, and surprise her
  • If she is a nature lover – taking her to natural resorts and sanctuaries can be a good idea
  • A romantic ride to the Beach or watery areas can do wonders too

So, here’s it, plan some decorative stuff, a trip to a beautiful picturesque location, carry a bunch of roses and you are all set to impress the lady love with a cute proposal. Make this Valentines unforgettable for her!!

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