Top jogging trails, tracks and places in Bangalore

No time for working out in life? Can’t avoid junk food in general? But still want a good body? Hmm…. well, a tough need to conquer but not one without a solution! Wondering what’s the solution?? Don’t worry! Rentomo is here with the answer! Jogging! 

As far as time is concerned, Jogging would only require you to wake up early, (early morning jogs are the best), it doesn’t require you to follow supplements or register into a gym facility or pay for the same, nothing! Just a little interest and one hour of your sleep. Still not convinced? Well, Jogging has alot of benefits: It helps to build strong bones as it is a weight bearing exercise, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules, help maintain a healthy weight. After reading this you might have fanned the flames for jogging in your heart. Now, to add to that fire, rentomo brings to you a list of top places where you can go for the best jogging experience.

Bangalore University Campus: The Bangalore University Campus is one of the exceptionally most loved spots to go for jogging . A colossal ground, it not just gives a runner the well-being of moderately less traffic but additionally the advantage of a mud track ( for serious training), perfect surroundings and impeccably kept up greenery notwithstanding the alternative of both street running and additionally unexplored trails in which you can lose all sense of direction


Bangalore University


Lal Bagh: There is a 1.72Km circle around the Lal Bagh Lake, generally level and simple for jogging. Since it is has organic gardens, the dazzling greenery around the place and the thoughtful feel of being unified with nature is something one can look forward to while jogging. What’s more? since this is a significantly prevalent spot for amateurs, it is  an another awesome spot to meet with the regulars.


Lal Bagh

Hennur Trails: Situated in North Bangalore, this is a generally unexplored space. You can bind up and take off on these trails the day you are feeling brave and are in the disposition to investigate. Be it an intense 20K with an extreme level of height or a moderately less demanding 5K, you are the one who has the freedom to make this trail as quite a bit of an agreeable creature or the mammoth that you need it to be.


Jogging in hennur

Kanteerava Track: The Mecca for athletes, situated in main city, this is the one place all runners will set out to toward when they need to get some extreme preparing miles in. With the choice of both a 200m track and a 400m track, you can pick which alternative works better for jogging and accordingly go for your run.



Nandi Hills: With regards to the subject of serious training, Nandi slopes are generally as famous with the runners as it is with the couples that head towards it as a destination spot, but for various reasons. Nandi Hills is the nearest and most available type of slope with 400m of rise at more than 7.5 Kms of the trip. Notwithstanding the conspicuous advantages of preparing on an intense course, one additionally get the opportunity to keep jogging in the mists and get one with the nature.


Nandi Hills

Mini Forest, JP Nagar: This is another concealed gem amidst a solid wilderness. This is kept up by the woods office and has an assortment of winged animals and creepy crawlies which add to the kind of running here. So notwithstanding the sound of your breathing, you get the chance to hear music as far as nature going full bore while jogging.


Mini Forest

GKVK: Another exceptionally prevalent destination for trail running, this course is the destination spot for the long runs. Covered up in the University of Agricultural Sciences, this trail likewise gives you the choice of becoming mixed up in nature while gradually getting those miles in. A splendid jogging experience.




Cubbon Park: This park is famous for the very greenery is portrays. It is huge and very much filled with people but not crowded. It is peaceful and also filled with beautiful scenarios.


Cubbon Park

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