Top 15 reason to take up cycling

“No exercise because, there is too much work at the office”

“Because, I have no time”

“Because I can’t afford to miss the Gayle Storm”

“Messi’s playing tonight! Can’t get tired! Need to stay up!”

On display were very few of the uncountable, unimaginable, yet glaringly justifiable(yes, sarcasm) reasons people generally end up giving on why they have ignored their body, or why they have skipped the day’s workout session, or why they are not fit enough. People generally tend to stick to these and forget the long term effects of ignoring their body by ignoring it in the short term. The consequences?  Obesity, Cardiac issues, and what not! People generally want to make the most of the little free time they get by indulging in fun activities rather than working out or exercising and thus end up not taking proper care of it. Quite a dilemma: fun or workout/exercise?  But, What if you were told that you can combine both! Wondering how? Then perhaps it is time that you take up cycling!

Now you must be pondering about how can cycling keep you in shape, and also make you enjoy your time? Fret not; Rentomo is here to take care of all your queries!

1.)Lose Weight in the Saddle:

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Every now and then one really gets fired up by the urge to get those flashy six pack abs and takes up jogging. Usually, that enthusiasm fades away in a couple of days, however, even though jogging helps to burn calories, it is not advisable to start out with it , even more so, if the individual has a comparatively larger body size than he or she should.

Cycling channels the entire body weight through the saddle, so there are much lesser chances of injuring yourself; this is more applicable to the ones starting out.

2.) Beat illness:

cycling benefits rentomo

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, said the boy who had never went for a cycling trip.

Cycling not only helps you lose weight but also boosts your immune system so that you fall sick less often. A research says that people who cycle for 30 minutes, five days a week take about half as many sick leaves as their couch potato counterparts. Now you know the mantra to never being sick!

3.) Be happy:

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Bad day at work, office, school, and just about anywhere? Physical activity is the drug you need! Just about any kind of physical activity releases endorphins which act as a counter to emotions such as depression. They help you battle stress. And what better way to spend time outdoors than a physical activity?

What all boxes does this tick: Physical activity(compulsorily), bike ride, nature, fresh air, group activity. To conclude, there is no better combo eh?

4.) Deep Sleep:

cycling benefits rentomo

An early morning cycle ride may well turn up your senses and make you more agile and thus wake you up. However, what is not known is that it also helps you to get to the bed and fall asleep soon enough at night. Music to the ear of insomniacs! Isn’t it?

Exercising outdoors exposes us to sunlight which helps us get to our circadian rhythm back in synchronization, and also gets rid of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can stop us from having our much needed deep, regenerative sleep. Well, now you know what you need to do to sleep like a baby!

5.)Look Younger:

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Yes, you read this one right! Cycle and stay young! Wonder how? cycling regularly protects your skin against the harm that UV radiation can cause. It also reduces the signs of ageing. When we indulge in cycling, circulation in our body increases and delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively, at the same harmful toxins go out of the system.

Fountain of youth? Nah! Why search for it when you can get a bike and go on a ride!

6.) Live longer:

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A study conducted by King’s College London took into account over 2,400 identical twins. They observed that the ones who did the equivalent of just three 45-minute rides a week were nine years ‘biologically younger’ even after relaxing other factors such as body mass index (BMI) and smoking.

7.) Increase your brain power:

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Well, cycling won’t help you to become Professor Charles X Xavier but it certainly would assist you in boosting your brain power. “Researchers from Illinois University found that a 5% improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15 percent in mental tests”

8.)Improve your sex life:

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It has been observed that men who indulge in physical activities have a better Vascular health than those who do not. In fact, they exhibit sexual prowess of men who are two to three years younger to them. It is an observation that extends to females as well since females who indulge in physical activities delay their menopause by the same time frame.

9.)Heal your heart:

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‘ Cycling can reduce the risk of getting heart diseases by 50%’ This is from a study made from Purdue University, USA. On the lines of almost a mirror opinion, British Heart Foundation said that almost 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if people were fitter. 20 miles is what you need to per week. The result? Risk of heart disease gets slashed to less than half of those who don’t.

10.)No Pollution:

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Leave behind a better future for your younger ones and the ones who are yet to come. Develop, but sustainably, and not at the cost of the environment. Cycling doesn’t pollute the environment and is in a way a contribution towards ensuring that the climate change is put on a leash. Apart from that, Cycles require very less space for parking when compared to cars. Exactly what one would require in the hustle and bustle of the cities!

11.)Boosts your Bellows:

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If you are a chain smoker, if you just quit smoking, if you have lung issues, then you can’t afford to not read this! It is only obvious that your lungs work much more when we are cycling. Compared to when sit idle watching television, an adult consumes 10 time more oxygen. Cycling helps us to increase our cardiovascular capacity thus enabling us to get more oxygen quicker, when needed.

12.)Enjoy Healthy Family Time:

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Busy weekdays at office, or school doesn’t quite let a family live like a family. More often than not, it gets reduced to a life when it is just four people living together, a plight which has no one to blame. Cycling gives everybody an opportunity to come together and spend some quality family time.

13.)Make Friends and Stay Healthy:

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Cycling is not just about being fit. The social side of Cycling is as much as the fitness side of it. It is one hell of an opportunity to meet new people and also explore new places. One can find a lot of very active cycling groups online and join them when they go out on rides. It thus brings to you an avenue to meet new people and expand your social network, and that too with people with a common interest, which is cycling!

14)Guilt Free Snacks :

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Yes, you read it right. It is okay now to take in some extra calories because if you take up cycling you will be burning a lot of calories. So, every time you eat something you shouldn’t have, you don’t need to spend the entire day in depression. But remember, this doesn’t mean you cycle and go full overboard!

15.) Get better at any sport:

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Name any sport in the world and one of the key elements to succeed in it would be stamina. Cycling not only does contribute to that but also helps to keep you in shape. Take up cycling and improve your stamina. Down the line, you will get better at all sports!

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