How to use treadmill effectively to loose weight

Right now, it is the scorching sun, the summer heat. Next it would be the incessant rain. After which it will be the bone chilling winter. One after the other, reasons which will deter you from taking control of the way you want to look. Reasons will develop into excuses which will stop you from going out on those runs and burning some calories and keeping your body in shape. And, before you know, you will have that small belly, and in no time a huge one. Scary? Well, don’t stop eating and stuff yet! Rentomo is here with the perfect solution to this problem! The solution being – a Treadmill!!!

Not convinced? Need convincing? Read on!

Why a treadmill?

  1. They are easier on joints than most hard surfaces, for example sidewalks and roads.
  2. They allow forgetting about the weather outside, thus, regardless of the temperature, you can perform any kind of training in the solace of your home.
  3. There’s no need to get worried about sharing space with other people. You have your own sufficient space and there is no congestion or the need of being aware of passer-bys as in the case of jogging on the streets.
  4. You can listen to the radio or watch your favorite TV shows or listen to music while you are at it.
Playing games while using a treadmill

Play game, watch tv, listen to music while you are at it!

Hmmmm…..Sounds useful doesn’t it? But, how do you make the most out of it? We shall tell you all about it but before that, just a few things to be kept in mind!

1.) Wear a proper T-shirt and pant. Dress up as you would for a sport. It is going to be a very sweaty experience!

2.) Do not run bare foot on the treadmill! Don’t wear office or likewise shoes. Wear proper sport shoes to get a good grip on the surface.

3.) Carry a towel. You can bet a billion you would need it!

4.) Do not forget to warm up! i.e Do not start off at high speed, start slowly and gradually increase the pace. Not warming up may prompt muscle issues and cramps.

5.) Figure out the buttons which are used to increase and decrease speed and inclination. Also, figure out the screen indicators which show heart rate, speed, time, inclination, the emergency stop button etc.

6.) Do not hold onto the bars once you are accustomed. Since, if you do, you won’t find your natural posture and also, burn lesser calories.

7.) Land your feet properly. It will require being aware at all times and you won’t get it right from the start. Experts say that the midsole area the best landing area. If you get it wrong, there might be calf pain etc.

Treadmill essentials


Once you are set with these basics, we can go ahead! Next thing that you would need to do is….

Find the pre-set programs!

You should also see which pre-set programs (new-age treadmill come loaded with them) are available on the treadmill because these will help you follow a more effective regime. There are a lot of programs for interval training, inclined climbing, etc. which will help you go about your training properly and thereby help you burn more calories. Here are some common pre-set programs which will help you improve your stamina and burn more calories:

  • Cardiovascular: It’s purpose is to vary the speed such that your heart rate remains between 50-85% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Fat burning zone:It’s purpose is to vary the speed such that your heart rate remains between 80-85% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Alpine Pass: This is a grueling regime which pushes up the incline constantly and then declines it so that you fluctuate as in walking or running uphill and downhill.
  • Random Hill: This function randomly changes the incline and speed so that you don’t lose your focus and are aware.
  • Interval training: This program lets you alternate between jogging and sprinting by just witching a button. The main advantage of this variant is the fact that it can burn up to 300 calories
  • 5K run: This is a long-running program in which the one making the run has to complete 5 kms.
  • Fitness Test: This you program monitors your fitness levels by monitoring your heart rate. It is advisable to take this every 3 months.


Pre set treadmill programs


Some more training options:

  • Walk-Jog Workout:
    This type of training is a kind of mix of jogging and walking. One would jog, walk briskly, and run slowly- all alternatively.
  • The 500-calorie workout:
    Burning 500 calories per day would require not more than 40 minutes. This is comparatively a high-interval training. It must be done around 4-5 times per week. But, what’s the result? A massive half a pound off in 7 days (approx)!
  • Full body workout: This type of workout has multiple benefits for your upper body and lower body. Running options are various and involve sprints etc, allowing burning plenty of calories per 35 minutes a day and 3-5 pounds per 10-14 days.

Follow these and you will be able to beat the heat, the winter, the rain and keep your body in the perfect shape. No more excuses, no more ‘why I cants’! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a treadmill today! Find it too expensive? Well, fret not! Rent a treadmill from rentomo!

Treadmilll benefits

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