7 day challenge for reducing 2kg weight

Every individual wants to look his best all the time. Therefore, it is important for him to know the ideal weight according to the height and gender. A realistic weight loss goal which can be attained easily with the help of implementation of proper habits in the daily life. Here are some of the best tips which will help you to lose 2Kg weight successfully in a week time period.


  1. Eat well : Start inserting fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fill your plate of meals with colorful vegetables like broccoli and carrots. You must ensure that you are also eating enough portion of fruits everyday. Include more amount of fibrous fruits in your diet including apples as well as strawberries. Keep changing the fruits you eat to keep your eating schedule quite interesting and avoid getting bored.
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  2. Ditch junk food : If you seriously want to lose 2kgs in a span of 7 days then you need to get rid of junk foods like burgers and pizzas. These foods consist of huge amount of calories which lead to more retention of fat in the body. Try to divert your mind when you find these foods around yourself. In this way, you have won half of your weight loss battle.burger photo
  3. High intensity exercises : You can successfully burn fat and prevent it from coming back if you perform high intensity exercises in the morning time. Choose for different exercises which boost your heart rate to high levels at the time of exercises. Run the stairs 3-4 times in a row and then do skipping as one set. You can repeat this as many times you want, but try to do at least 3 sets of this combination exercises. You can also run on the treadmill at normal speed and then run at very fast speed for a minute. You can keep switching the speeds and ensure that your body loses appreciating amount of fat. Also, make sure you exercise twice a day.stress photo
  4. Avoid stress : Stress is one of the major factors which lead to weight gain and also lead to prevention of weight loss despite of trying consistently. While losing weight it’s obvious that many individuals get stressed whether they will successfully lose weight or not. You can avoid getting stressed by performing different forms of yoga or you can choose to dance on your favorite songs to keep yourself focused on your goal thus not getting diverted from it.motivated photo
  5. Stay motivated : Never listen what others say about you or your goal while losing weight. In this way, you will be able to successfully keep working towards your aim and achieve it in the span of 7 days. You can keep motivational quotes in your room to boost your confidence. Always see the positive part of your weight loss regime. You will then achieve what you want.


Thus, if you follow these tips you will successfully lose 2kgs weight in a span of 7 days. This post comes from the team of Rentomo. We have a firm belief that healthy lifestyle is a boon for every individual. Therefore, we have introduced a platform from where you can get fitness instruments on rent. So, rent one now.

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