Peer to peer sharing platform

The collaborative economy, also referred to as the sharing economy is taking the internet off the

storm. Being the newest phase of the web world, it has paved a novel way of utilising assets in

an efficient and resilient manner.

This gave rise to a dire need of developing a platform which allows people to utilise

infrastructure and resources that aren’t used effectively – a consumption podium where ease of

access is valued over the emotional need for ownership of unutilised assets like hardware,

software, infrastructure, to list a few.

Given the fact that there are a whole lot of consumer items – a hammer, a tent, a badminton

racket and the likes, which most of us have, but lie unused most of the times; if aptly put to use

can be advantageous for both the parties – renter and rentee. However, this calls for trust and

review mechanisms which ensure timely payments and quality to those involved in the


This thought of bridging the exchange gap between the borrower and the lender, and making

unutilised assets available to people by the means of technology thereby facilitating ease of

discovery and hence, the access, resulted in the establishment of Rentomo.


Rentomo is a trusted web portal that enables people in renting out their not-so-used stuff,

besides borrowing items which they wish to use once in a while. It connects you to people who

are a part of a reliable community and encourages them to share stuff with those residing

nearby in the times of need. Rentomo is based on the concept of good old days, when

borrowing-lending was a prevalent concept among neighbours – way before cities made us


To be precise, this worthy platform proffers users with the facility to borrow or rent items that

they may bring to occasional use, such as a drill, ladder, camera, bicycle, travel bags etc.

Furthermore, there are no two thoughts about it that people tend to help those in need when

there’s a trust factor involved. Rentomo intends to make the process of borrowing and lending

easier through technology, that is, this platform assists you in finding a neighbour, friend,

colleague or an acquaintance in trusted network that is willing to lend you what is needed at

your end.

Rentomo works on the notion, “Why buy when you can borrow.” At Rentomo, we operate with

the aim to provide people with the access to things they need without having to own them,

which saves them money. Moreover, connecting with people around them in times of need

would result in safer and friendlier neighbourhoods. To top it off, sharing proves to be quite

sustainable as it reduces waste and minimises carbon emissions, at the same time helping us

utilise resources in the utmost fashion.

Wondering how would you trust the lender or borrower? This is where technology comes into

the picture. Rentomo is building up an aggregator platform using the edge cutting technology to

deliver you a comprehensive experience of sharing stuff among trusted communities, societies,

groups or friends.


We, at Rentomo, work with a mission to build a locality that offers you an instant access to

almost everything in no time, and endeavour to turn every city into a ‘sharing city’ by making

users realise that access to the stuff they need is cheaper, hassle free and greener than

ownership of a product. And to make it more convenient for the users, so that they can use our

services on the go, Rentomo will soon be available on App.

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